Welcome to Janine’s Music Room! JSLheadshotMy hope is that you will find some interesting and inspiring ideas here. We’re often told that great teachers steal ideas from each other, and I think that the more we can share our best practices, the better music education will be for every child. I earned my Bachelor of Music from Lawrence University and my Master of Music from Boston University, both with an emphasis in music education. I have been teaching in international schools for 15 years now, and I continue to learn and grow just as much as the students! My first international school experience was in an IB World School, where my class curriculum was based on the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, which was a real learning experience. The culture shock of diving into PYP teaching was quite a mind shift for me! It made me think about teaching and learning in a whole new way from everything I’d known and learned, but it made so much sense. Of course learning should reflect the transdisciplinary reality for which we are preparing our students. Science, music, math, and PSE are not separate compartments out in the real world. And a focus on concepts and understanding over factual knowledge lends itself much more to student engagement and deeper learning. Evolving that into a more emergent curriculum has helped me to teach my students so much more, get them into more interesting music, and think critically about their musical encounters. Now I can’t imagine teaching through a textbook or even having my plans ready two months ahead of time. Teaching keeps me pretty busy, both in and out of school, but I spend the rest of my time with my husband and my two little boys. I also play the violin and sing, and most recently, I have taken on a new challenge and started learning the harp. I hope that my ramblings here will inform, encourage, and inspire you, and I hope that you will share some of your thoughts and teaching ideas here as well. Thanks for visiting my site.


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  • 12. March 2018 at 15:20

    Hi Janine, I am teaching music at a PYP school in Central Florida — Dundee Elementary Academy. Do you mind me asking where are you located? Are you in Florida? Could you pleases respond to me via email?
    Thanks, Tami


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