Great teachers share great ideas! Here are a few more places for you to find some inspiration.

Many of my resources, lesson plans, and teacher tips are available at my TeachersPayTeachers® store.

Follow the link to find a growing collection of resources for classroom teachers and specialists/single subject teachers for who are interested in:
– Inquiry
– Concept-based learning
– Student-led curriculum
– Transdisciplinary or cross-disciplinary lessons





I’m also a Pinterest addict. (What teacher isn’t?) Have a look at some of the resources I’ve found.

Follow Janine’s board Music Class – Early Childhood on Pinterest.

Follow Janine’s board Music Class – Grades 2-6 on Pinterest.

Finally, here are some of my favorite teachers around the web who have great ideas to share as well.

Beth’s Notes

What Ed Said

Mrs. King’s Music Room


2 Responses to Resources

  1. Hi Janine, I am a new IB PYP music teacher. I have sooooooo many questions. First of all, how do you display/arrange/use the Learner Profiles and attitudes?

    • Janine Janine says:

      Hi Tamela, and welcome to the PYP club! The Learner Profile is so central to the PYP, it’s important to display it in a highly visible area. That way, you can refer to it all the time; all behaviour issues are brought back to those points. I’ve displayed them with photos, as a lot of teachers do, but I find it’s hard to capture those things clearly in a photo, so I like to put up some sentences demonstrating what each one looks like in action. I’ve actually got a post coming up on the Learner Profile, so be on the lookout for that. I’ve also made posters for the Attitudes, which I use in the same way. If students are off-task, not working hard, etc., I always refer them back to the Profile or Attitudes. Having a common language across the school makes those messages much stronger!

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