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Using the PYP Attitudes

I was a bit slow to work this out, but having the Learner Profile and Attitudes on my walls had an incredible impact on my teaching. My teacher training, though fairly progressive, did not prepare me for PYP teaching. The … Continue reading

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Exit Slips as Formative Assessment

Well, I officially went back into school today to start getting ready for the upcoming school year. I’m just starting to get my head around my long-term view of what I’ll be teaching, but I have spent some time over … Continue reading

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It’s Just Around the Corner…

I know we may not be ready to think about it, but none of us can hide from all those Back to School sales. Are you thinking about how to get the year started yet? (Okay, I’ll confess that I’m … Continue reading

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The First Day of School, continued

Once the kids have moved around and talked a bit, they can get settled in pretty quickly. So next I like to make an old-fashioned circle on the carpet and do some large group bonding—again, with the idea of getting … Continue reading

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The First Day of School

It’s that time of year again, when parents are frantically—yet with great relief—preparing their children to go back to school. And teachers are preparing just as frantically to have their classrooms ready: an inviting space that is offers structure, but … Continue reading

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