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Revisiting Culture

Well, apparently my iceberg post was recently discovered and has been shared around quite a bit, not only in education circles, but also political science, health, and social justice communities. I love that I’ve gotten some great feedback about it … Continue reading

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Inquiry: Musical Cycles

Following a previous post, someone asked about our inquiry into cycles. The main inquiry point is that the layering and varying of simple musical patterns can create a complex sound, and that this cycling technique is used in several musical … Continue reading

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Exploring Musical Cultures Through Concepts

All the way back to my teacher training, I have always tried to incorporate as much “world music” (sorry, I don’t like that term) into my teaching as possible. From PreK and all the way up, we sing in many … Continue reading

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Holiday Concerts

It’s that time of year again. As an international teacher, you would think there is even less pressure to put on a holiday-themed concert. The end of term lends itself to a culminating performance, sure, but with such a diverse … Continue reading

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The rest of the iceberg

This weekend, with UN Day coming up, I am thinking about culture. An important yet cryptic element in our everyday interactions, the behaviors and expectations engrained in our students’ brains heavily impact their behaviors and expectations in our classrooms. There … Continue reading

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