Happy new year! I’m enjoying the last few days of my Christmas break, but also starting to put some details into my plans for the upcoming term. We’re having one week of online learning at my school, to give people a little more time to return from their travels. But I’m also hearing about a lot of other schools that are going back to (at least some) remote learning.

If you are looking for a last-minute lesson ideas, check out this post for early childhood classes, or this one for older elementary students.  If you are looking to give your students some choices, look no further. Here are a few posts you could visit as you think about the direction you’re going in now.

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Streamlining your distance learning

12 easy ideas for distance learning in ELEMENTARY general music

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Are choice boards really that great? YES!

Online learning for music teachers

Singing and online learning

18 great things about online learning

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I’m hoping that this is the last year we’ll need to think about this, and that next year will be at least mostly normal!

Back to remote learning?
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3 thoughts on “Back to remote learning?

  • 3. February 2022 at 15:33


    Hi, Janine.

    I am Kathie, from the Philippines. I am new to this IB PYP framework and I am struggling and drowning at this time. Your help and guidance will be a big blessing as I tread in this new path.

    I am music educator for the past twenty – three years. Since 2011, I have been handling elementary music classes using the Kodaly and Orff approach. This year, our school implemented the IB PYP framework. And I feel like I have been going through the darkest valley of my teaching experience for the past 6 months (not 6 years) of my life. One of the teachers under me is going through the same ordeal.

    I want to cope and learn so I can get out of this feeling of being miserable… the feeling of being an incompetent teacher. I am just wondering if you do online consultation? If yes, how much.

    Thank you.

    • 12. March 2022 at 03:19

      Kumusta Katherine! Yes, I am starting to do some online coaching/consultation. I’d be happy to chat with you more about it: janinesmusicroom at gmail.


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