Do you find it difficult to display all the things you’d like to for your many classes? Try using your interactive whiteboard or projector as a dynamic display for each of your classes. Create a desktop-sized graphic that can be projected on the screen, easily replaced for the changing circumstances of your individual classes. You could use this space to display the day’s learning goals, a concept map for the unit, essential questions, instructions for stations, or even just the plan for the day.


This is really helpful if you have students who:

  • like to know the whole plan
  • need reminders of what to do
  • find it difficult remembering a series of instructions
  • get distracted and go off on tangents
  • need help zeroing in on the learning objective

It also makes it clear and straightforward when you need to refocus a group of students who have gotten sidetracked. (And if your students are great inquirers, this is a common problem!)

How many of you use your interactive whiteboard or projector to visualize the day’s lessons? How else do you use it in your daily plans?

Dynamic Displays
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