Well, I officially went back into school today to start getting ready for the upcoming school year. I’m just starting to get my head around my long-term view of what I’ll be teaching, but I have spent some time over the summer thinking about how I can do more frequent formative assessments. Exit slips have always been a quick method, so I’ve broadened my range of questions/prompts in order to move beyond “what did you learn today?” I have made a set of 30 different exit cards that will get students thinking critically.

exit-slip-coverI have done my best to make sure the prompts specifically encourage students to:

  • make connections
  • synthesize their knowledge
  • think about how they learn and contribute in class
  • understand WHY they are learning what they are learning
  • reflect on their learning with greater depth

The cards will help me to adjust my learning too, giving me a quick overview of:

  • who needs more help
  • who needs extension
  • what I need to review or cover again
  • what I need to teach in a different way
  • what I might add to my planning that I hadn’t thought of

Exit cards are win-win, as long as the prompts and questions are really thought out the right way. (And by the way, if you want to download my 30 general-use exit cards, head over to TeachersPayTeachers® now while the Back to School Sale is going on!) What are some formative assessment questions you ask your students?

Exit Slips as Formative Assessment
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