piano lessonA studio teacher friend of mine shared this with me today, and I just want to pass it on. I know that many parents ask me for advice regarding private lessons for their students. Many parents want to start their children on an instrument as early as possible, many ask about practicing, and not nearly enough ask me about how to buy an instrument (see #9 on the list).

This article really gives a good overview for parents who want their children to be musical prodigies but aren’t sure how. And hopefully it will give some redirection, and food for thought, for those parents as well. Of course we want every child to learn an instrument, but too many parents go about it in the wrong way; it’s sad how true every item in this article is. (I mean–back to #9–seriously, why would anyone think it’s a good idea to buy a musical instrument at Target?! It’s my favourite store in the world, but I go there to buy socks and Legos, which is a pretty good indicator that they don’t have an in-house luthier. Another indicator is the placement of that bridge…)

Any other glaring issues you would add to her list?

Getting the most out of lessons
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