I’ve just had a refreshing return to my roots! Today was the last day of a three-day Kodály course with Dr. James Cuskelly. It’s been fifteen years since I was really focused on the Kodály Method, but it was just like riding a bike. (Actually, it came back to me much more easily than riding a bike did after fifteen years of not doing that…)

singing-games-music-classWhen I was learning Kodály at university, I became fluent in Solfege and ta’s and ti-ti’s. I analyzed folk songs and canons and worked with the proper progression of rhythmic and melodic learning. But what I’ve taken away from this course, and what I feel was new learning for me, was the central role of singing games. Through well-planned, purposeful use of simple singing games, we can work through so much learning. Plus, playing clapping games like a schoolgirl is energizing and FUN.

So today’s post is hardly profound or groundbreaking, but my takeaway is this: I am going to make a point of playing singing games. Every day. With every grade level. Whatever the game is, I can always add layers; I can always make it an opportunity for learning.

I’m starting with “Little Sally Walker and “When Billy Was One” (a new one for me). What are your go-to singing games?


Singing Games
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